Product Overview

55 presets for Soniccharge´s VSTi, Synplant. 100% organicly grown!

1 bank with 64 patches. Compatible with Roland synthline JV (880, 80, 90, 1000, 1010, 1080, 2080), XP (50, 60, 80) and XV (3080, 5050, 5080).

81 presets for Logic Pro X´ ES-P synthesizer.

100 presets for Logic Pro X´s ES-1 synthesizer. Light on the CPU, and with killer filters.

14 Audio Rack Modules for Ableton Live 10/11 standard or suite version. Channelstrips with macros for mixing.

Mastering chain for Ableton Live 10/11 standard or suite edition. Audio Rack Modules with macros.

5 audio effect racks for Ableton Live 11 (standard or suite), suitable for processing both synthsounds and rhythmic content. Bringing your material to live!

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