Ableton Channelstrip Audio Rack MixSuite


The song “All The Wrong Fears” is written and performed by The Blue Rondo and recorded in Lovely World Sound by Anders Bau

14 audiorackmodules for Ableton Live 10/11 suite or standard version

This purchase includes 14 channelstrip-like audio racks suited for mixing. Covering racks for male, female and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, multimiked acoustic drumset (kick, snare, hihat, toms, overheads), and a drum-mixbus rack (can be used for other mixbusses as well). Each strips EQ and compression settings is adjusted for the best overall approach on the different instrument types.
The Vocal strips
Aside from gate, EQ, room and compression, this channelstrip also contains a doubler-module. A modulechain that delays, pans, EQ and add reverb and delay (send-type effects) your original signal, for a larger than life vocal sound. There´s a Male, Female and Backing vocal variation of the strip – each optimized for that specific type of performance.
The drum strips
Focused on the right EQ and compression settings for each separate drum. Kickdrum, Snare, Hihat, Rack tom, Floor tom and Overheads
The Guitar strips
Contains the same doubler-module as the vocalstrips, as well as EQ, compression and room adjustments.
The Mixbus rack
Adding overall EQ, compression and “glue” to your group tracks. Group all your drums and percussion together and add this to your “mixbus”. This strip is adjusted to perform great on a drumbus, but with some small tweaks – it can go along just fine on every other group-type.

For the channelstrips to work their best, you have to ensure that your audio have a proper level (set the level in the audio properties for each region – or make a normalization via the consolidate command). Otherwise, you will have to adjust the threshhold of the compressor in a nearly insane amount. The same goes for the level on mixbusses, if you are going to use the gluecompressor, you will have to adjust the threshhold so that the gain reduction on the VU meter reads -2db.

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