Ableton Audiorack Mastering Suite

3 mastering audiorackmodules for Ableton Live 10 suite or standard version
This purchase includes a Multiband Stereowidener, an easily controllable EQ and a Multiband Compressor. These 3 modules, are then again packed in an audiorack with a controller macro (to flip each module on/off), a Gluecompressor first in chain (special mastering setting) and a limiter in the end.
Each module can be used separately.

Multiband Stereowidth Module
Signal devided into 4 chains separated by bandpass filters. The values chosen, works well with most audio but you can, off course choose to edit the bands as you like. The macros controls the width of each band, and you can also switch bands on/off to listen to them separately.

Mastering EQ
An EQ Eight with each frequency set at the most used overall mastering frequences.

Multiband Compressor Module
Again, 4 chains devided by bandpass filters. Each filter followed by a compressor with all values (attack/release/mode) set for the best response of each frequencyband. Treshhold and gain are controlled by the macros.

TIP!! How to approach the mix – for the best levels in the endgame
To obtain a result with the most ballanced mix (meters peaking at around -2 to -3 db) follow this procedure:

  • After you have made all sounddesign and producing on all tracks – it´s time for the mixing stage of the proces. Mute all tracks and make sure that you have NO effects on your master channel AT ALL (not even a brickwall limter).
  • Start unmuting the kickdrum (if you have several layers of kick, make sure that they are grouped in a grouptrack – it is the “all together” kick we want to mix). Set the fader so that the kick peak at -6 db at its highest (play from the most busy and loudest place in the track).
  • Bring in the snaredrum (or clap, or whatever “snarefunction” you have been using in your production). Again, your gathered snare/clap layers through a group/mixbus.
  • Mix the rest of your drumset and percussion around this.
  • Bring the bass to the table – (and your 808 if you use that as a bassfunction). Again – it is ALL basslayers combined that you bring in.
  • And from here: Bring leadvocals – synths – guitars ….. and then everything.
  • Now, a few more adjustments – and your mix should be ready. Keeping below -1 db I believe?
  • Ready for mastering!
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